Success Stories

This award-winning programme has supported many successful graduates and has proven just how valuable it is at kickstarting engineering careers. Take a look at the GEEP alumni we're showcasing below. All these participants were once in your position and now they've completed the programme and have gained so much from it.

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Hear from GEEP alumni

Explore some of the highlights of the programme and how it's had a direct impact on past participants' careers.


I got an offer for my dream job.

The GEEP program was instrumental in me achieving this and I can't thank you enough.

Sometimes as a student, you can put corporate awareness on the back burner because you're so focused on studying and getting top grades that you leave any contact with industry just until you start applying to different companies.


GEEP plays a massive part in actually figuring out what you enjoy doing.

GEEP gave me some great life and people skills that helped me get this and I'm so grateful. It's not the kind of learning that I would've gotten at university. ​GEEP is truly amazing!!!


Sometimes you can have all of your thoughts in your head, but you do not know what your next step is.

I have found the GEEP mentoring really, really valuable.

Having those meetings with my mentor, going through my CV, and figuring out my next step has opened my eyes a lot and helped me progress further into getting a career in engineering.

GEEP participants in action

When you join the GEEP programme you join a community of like-minded people who are interested in engineering and learning. You get to work and grow alongside each other, supporting one another and growing lasting friendships. Take a look at the image gallery below to see the 2022 participants taking part in different activities.

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woman explaining
group picture at RAE
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