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Engineering Journey
with GEEP

The Royal Academy of Engineering presents the Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme (GEEP), a programme to support UK engineering students and recent graduates from under-represented backgrounds into engineering employment.

Develop your engineering and employability skills.

Please note applications for GEEP 2023 have now closed

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Building your Future

Welcome to the Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme, an initiative by the Royal Academy of Engineering that empowers engineering students to excel in their careers.

Throughout a meticulously crafted curriculum, immersive workshops and mentorship from industry experts, GEEP offers an uparalleled opportunity to enhance your engineering expertise and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

The Programme

At GEEP you'll attend workshops, learn skills, build connections and gain practical experiences.

Discover more about GEEP, what the programme entails, why you should choose this programme and find out if you are what GEEP are looking for.

Employer Partners

Unlock real-world engineering experiences through GEEP's dynamic employer partners. On the programme you'll make connections with these employers and gain access to their opportunities.

Discover the different opportunities that you could get to experience.

Recruitment Process

Applying to GEEP is your first step toward unlocking a world of engineering possibilities. Our recruitment process is designed to identify engineering students who are eager to learn.

Familiarise yourself with the quick and easy application process.

The Programme

We highlight glimpses of success achieved by GEEP participants, shedding light on how the program has contributed to their personal and professional growth.

Explore the highlights of those who have harnessed the potential of GEEP to propel their engineering careers to new heights.

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