All communications we send to you will be connected with our service to find you a work opportunity. We will not use your personal data to directly market to you any product or other service.

As part of our core service we will send you emails and messages which are designed to give you helpful practical hints and tips in your search for a position and keep you updated on latest news. You can unsubscribe to this communication at any time by clicking on the link that accompanies the newsletter when you receive it.

We expressly ask our network of education providers and employers not to use any of your personal data that they may obtain through working with us to market goods or services to you. If you receive marketing material from our network of education providers and employers that you feel you have not agreed to, please contact us.

If you send personal data to us indirectly through the third parties we work with (marketing agencies/promoters) these third parties will be in control of your personal data. You should check their privacy notices to ensure you’re comfortable with their marketing activities and the marketing you have consented to.

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